About Us

Mission Statement Our Mission is to enlighten SMEs about the power of a comprehensive, actionable business constant optimization and how it can facilitate ongoing growth, innovate processes, and bring your dreams to prosperous life.

What We Do Our expertise is needed to facilitate business expansion and development, based on individual business needs, SGDI is committed to offering distinguished service in a range of core business functions. To oversee the proper implementation and execution of strategic business plans, SGDI provides full-service in areas including marketing, IT and system development, human resources, customer service training and more. This allows our clients to sit back, and focus on where their business needs them the most!

How We Do it By working closely with our clients, we acquire an in-depth comprehension of your business goals and vision and conduct a thorough analysis of clients’ current internal environment and operational model in addition to extensive market and industry research. We use this to develop and implement data based strategies that support long-term growth and sustainability. With various proven and adjusted approach we ensure benchmarks are being satisfied and results align with service based enterprise needs whether acknowledged or foreseen.

Human Resources

At SalesGrowth, we provide HR consultancy services that allow you make time for what you do best: growing your business. We give employers the confidence to make important decisions that affect their bottom line. From dealing with an employee issue to ensuring you have the right policies, documentation, and procedures in place, we’ve got you covered.


Our competent IT services are tailored to meet any of your unique business needs and provides your organization with complete peace of mind as our team of IT specialists ensure complete monitoring and management of your IT assets. Utilizing managed IT services means you can focus on your business growth while we make sure your IT investments are maximized.


Our Marketing services range from digital to traditional. However, we start with a comprehensive marketing assessment which delivers strategic recommendations to help grow revenues by creating stronger competitive differentiation and strengthening the brand. A marketing assessment is often the foundation to a more in-depth review of an organization’s strategy and business development efforts and outlining a wide range of best practices.


Our sales team is built from specialists who have expertise in structural growth procedures. With wide working knowledge of the current sales landscape, our professionals will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your company, organization, and needs. We will embark the wholesomeness of your company to effectively assist your company’s growth and increase revenue, decrease expenses that will result in an overall increase in profit.


We always welcome a chance to talk to you and figure out how we can help grow your business, so please drop us a line, anytime.